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Grey Squirrel Control – trapping and shooting ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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After his previous film showing the sort of damage the grey squirrel can do, Julian Evans describes the ways of controlling vermin. http://woodlands.co.uk

Posted in: Uncategorised ~ On: 28 February, 2010

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Lucy Kelly
June 24, 2013

@chiconian49 Gray squirrels belong in the US. They have a right to be there. Your house has taken the space that used to contain their habitat. They could call humanity a 'blight'! I love animals, as long as they're in their own ecosystems!

June 28, 2013

And for back gardens a squirrel trap is useful. The Trapman (online) is selling some. I had a regular hedgehog in it every now and then in the morning when I had forgotten to close the trap in the evenings..But he was unharmed and went his way when I opened the trap..only to be found in the trap again at some point early in the morning and starring at me. Grey squirrel meat is very nice when cooked proper (the Americans have good recipes online.)

May 11, 2015

1:17 It makes no sense at all going after the squirrels during the moths they do the damage (May, June, July). What makes far better sense is to kill them before they breed in the spring. That way there are far fewer squirrels to actually do the damage in the first place.

July 19, 2015

If you want  to eradicate a species then you need to kill them every time you have the opportunity and not wait for specific times of the year. Use every means available and leave the political correctness out of it.

River Huntingdon
May 19, 2016

+ecleveland1 In my case, mains electricity, at 250V ! Frying tonite…

October 12, 2016

hypocrite saying you need to kill them at certain times and not just kill them for the sake of it,,but you can trap them poison them etc,,,winter is the best time as they are usually confined to dreys and easy to see without tree foliage to hide them,,AND defra says if you have grey tree rats ( squirrels ) they must be controlled,,,and if shot or trapped in winter they are not around to destroy young shoots of trees etc,,,,

Jane Book
March 7, 2017

hope you and yours die long agonizing deaths ,have a nice day pig fucker

Kevin Weber
April 19, 2017

Seems that the nests they make are nasty, wreck trees, and as I read they carry disease, lice and many bad things. I woke up to check my bird feeder only to notice that the perches were all ripped out and chewed up and later I had seen the culprit eating the seeds under the feeder so I then shot it with a sportsman 900 then it jumped quickly to a tree limb and then I Attempted a second shot at it and I a have got it.

Paloma San Basilio
January 3, 2018

Lol squirrels chew electrical wires. Causes fires. Human beings die.
NO. Squirrels do NOT belong on MY property.
They enter. They die. At least they have YOU to make a funeral, flowers & all for them. Crying too, is included. I guess.

Paloma San Basilio
January 3, 2018

When the squirrels or YOU BUY MY property & pay MY taxes on MY property.
Then I will sell YOU or them MY property & I will leave. Meanwhile, THEY DIE. And I am STAYING.

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