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Eating squirrels ~ by WoodlandsTV

Produced exclusively for WoodlandsTV

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www.woodlands.co.uk Our 100th film! Before skinning and cooking it, Sean Collins describes the destructive nature of the grey squirrel and it's effect on the native red squirrel. He also describes their effect on tree bark. In the next film he goes about skinning the squirrel

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TJ Jones
November 18, 2016

Europe gave us "Sir" Elton John so we said screw it were gonna give Europe the gray squirrel. Lol

TJ Jones
November 18, 2016

I don't think so since it's body would break down the nuts into proteins, carbs ect. I think you should be fine after its all cleaned and cooked. Im no expert but i think you will be fine.

TJ Jones
November 19, 2016

Glad you explain that. Some people are like why "murder" them little guys why not go buy beef thats what stores are for. I do eat that but i know my kills while hunting live a way better happier life than the cattle. I was blessed enough to get a head shot on a grey squirrel here in the USA. That dude went from walking on a log 8ish yrds away to dead INSTANTLY i mean i was happy for me and the squirrel. No real hunter gets pride in injuring an animal before it dies. Any way i was able to eat that squirrel and preserve it's hide. Only gutts and bones waisted. Thanks for the video and telling it like it is.

Oz Osborne
December 29, 2016

ive been eating rabbits for years but now i do prefer thease tasty little fellers

Jason Gavitt
January 10, 2017

im almost completely vegetarian and i say kill the squirrels and eat them.i stopped eating meat because of how nasty the shit at the store is.wild caught meat,ahh now that is dif story and i will gladly eat meat if it is in this form.not all vegetarians are the shit bags people think they are.i have no problem killing something furry and cute for dinner but i have a huge problem with eating some nasty old rotten ass nitrate pumped meat from the supermarket and everyone else should too.

sean Bishop
February 3, 2017

aww, your shaking when you are peeling him like a banana.
I wish my little North America friend would have bit your face. man up you little bitch

Michael Lopez
November 24, 2017

At least use correct grammar when trying to insult someone.

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