Storing and Curing Wood – Seasoning Timber

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How to season wood. Storing and curing wood - seasoning timber. Cabinet maker Jeff Segal shows how he'll store and cure the freshly milled plane tree, using bearers or stickers to separate the wood and allow the air to circulate.

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when lumber comes out of the kiln it should be at about 7 percent. from there it will stay near the same if you live in a place like arizona or texas and it will go back up if you live in a humid place. you should always give your wood time to acclimate for a few months after it comes out of the kiln imo


March 25, 2012

Whats the red staining stuff?


September 26, 2012

how can i stalk different sizes of teak wood in 1 kiln?Now it takes nearly 12-13 days to complete the kilning.but i think its not in a proper way.On surfaces ,shows 16% MC,but always its very difficult to make a proper M.C less than 18% in the material

Joemon Ignatius

September 9, 2013

Poor spokesman and poorly presented !!!!

Mark Shaw

October 12, 2013

When you buy wood in the stores, such as OSH, home depot, or sears, is the wood already cured?


March 26, 2014

Joseph Pitura Riley gets it done.

Joey Kochlacs

January 22, 2015

I recognise those arches.

David Waller

December 31, 2015

A good video, thanks


July 6, 2016

In NZ we dry our timber to 12% mc


March 13, 2019

Thank you for sharing this. As a buyer, how does one know a plank or piece of wood is fully cured? What signs do we look out for?

Manasi Kashyap

August 25, 2019

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