Herbs for Health

By woodlandstv

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Join Herbalist Julia Behrens for a tour of her wild herb garden and living medicine cabinet. Julia explains the medicinal properties of many everyday plants and herbs such as sage, nettle, ground ivy, dandelions and rosemary and shows how to use herbs to cure illness and promote good-health.

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Wonderful information thank you. We need more videos

Francis Phillips

February 15, 2020

what wonderful knowledge to share, is there a book I can buy as I cannot remember all his information

Stuart Wakefield

February 15, 2020

Does anyone have a recommendation for herbal medication books?

Golden Oldies

February 25, 2020

What herbs are good for neuropathy

Karen Lemley

February 29, 2020

Great information!!! Thank you for your knowledge and for taking the time to make this video

Matt Henciak

March 14, 2020

Hey Doc.. is plantain spit poltus good for teeth cavities? If not what is

knubeer youtuber

March 23, 2020

I need a book that teaches herbalism please

Beatrix Isaiah

March 26, 2020

Thank you Julia 🙂


March 27, 2020


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