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Efficient wood burning stoves for firewood ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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http://woodlands.co.uk The latest next generation wood burning stoves are over 90% efficient and look good too. If you are thinking of installing a wood burning stove then find out more. They come in a variety of designs with some being more efficient than others. Some wood burning stoves can revolve and would look good in the most modern of homes. Anglia Fireplaces demonstrate their use.

Posted in: Wood as Fuel ~ On: 8 October, 2010

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July 15, 2014

do u have distributors in Australia? I would like to buy one.

Tim Lewis
January 8, 2015

I'm surprised how many residual flammable hydrocarbons still exist in the flue gases even after secondary combustion.
I've been looking at Burley stoves.
The number one thing is getting your wood dry though.

Steven williams
January 25, 2015

What a load of old twydall

April 16, 2015

"Wood burning came to the for in the last few years due to the price of Oil, Gas and Electricity"  What a load of crap !

Might be good if you own a forrest !!
Duhh,, have you seen the price of wood,, contrary to popular belief propagated by people like yourself a wood stove will not burn away for hours on a log or two even the best of hardwood. 
Have a Dan-skan stove that cost almost £3000,,, Very efficient burning stove but their is no way we could afford to heat the house with it.
Add having to store the wood in at least a two year rotation and you need a BIG BIG area to season wood.
KW for KW Lb for Lb  coal is so much less trouble, cheaper to use and long burning,, but Gas is still cheapest over all!

Dan Huisjen
November 6, 2015

Get up over 90% efficient and you're moving into condensing territory. Unless the stove is designed to condense the water that's part of the combustion products, it will rust out a stove or the pipe that connects it to the chimney in no time, and probably make a mess in the mean time.

February 28, 2016

I don't have one now but I want one now. I have to admit when I was in Europe most cabins had one and they were great love the small models

February 29, 2016

+Dan Huisjen every action has a reaction, yes when a stove is getting in the 90% efficiency range this means the gases are getting close to the condensation temperature of 175 degrees C. This is why most reputable installers will insist on insulating the flue. if a stove is made with quality then rusting out is not a problem unless there is abuse taking place by the operator.

albert semelmann
January 15, 2017

Very good video. Another advantage of heating with wood is the security they provide during electricity blackouts. Proper use of modern wood stoves produce very little particulate matter, from my experience. The wood used must be dry, and the stove must be kept at a high temperature, for complete combustion.

UK Adventure JEEP
December 12, 2017

Wood burning has not become popular because of the price of oil or gas…but simply because of advertising and making people believe it is cheap and more efficient. Unless your furnace heats the water and lights your home it is simply something to look at….and costs more money in the long run. This is the typical nonsense we have to listen to these days from people who dress appallingly and talk drivel ! It's similar to people who think fields of solar panels are more efficient…not realising that as a tax payer they have to pay three times over for the end result…..and never ask the question why they don't just place them on people's homes in the first place !!

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