Sustainable energy from woodlands

By woodlandstv

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http://www.woodlands.co.uk Sustainable energy? Renewable sources of energy from woodlands? By managing forests to provide fuel and building materials we can create a sustainable environment. Matthew Woodcock from the Forestry Commission illustrates the benefits of wood as a fuel with help from a poster. This eductional tool shows sources of wood such as upland woodland, fast growing willow ,coppice management, and community woodland to name a few. He also shows how logs can be used for timber buildings and the offcuts for wood chip heating. It includes a section showing children at school learning about the carbon cycle whilst also being kept warm by a wood chip boiler.

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Global warming is a hoax, burning coal and wood produces carbon dioxide that plants need. Plants soak up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breath.


December 26, 2011

@Genuinemythman We would run out of breathable air before we over produce CO2. So are 99% of your scientists saying we're running out of air any time soon?

In Christopher Columbus' day I bet 99% of their "deep thinkers" thought the Earth was flat, it didn't make it true now did it?

Don't get me wrong I am a conservationist and I immensely enjoy the creation God has given us. I agree we need to be good stewards of it but we shouldn't lie or fear monger people into our view point. Capiche?


February 20, 2012

@Genuinemythman It seems every 20 years, so-called "scientist" come up with some cockamamie study that makes mankind out to be some horrible cancer on the Earth.

Back in the '80's 99% of all scientist said mankind created a hole in the Ozone layer and it's been debunked. Come to find out it was all just a ponzi scheme to get government grants to fund worthless research. Once the jig is up these so-called "scientist" create some other environmental catastrophe to keep the cash flowing.


February 21, 2012