Herbs for Health

By woodlandstv

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Join Herbalist Julia Behrens for a tour of her wild herb garden and living medicine cabinet. Julia explains the medicinal properties of many everyday plants and herbs such as sage, nettle, ground ivy, dandelions and rosemary and shows how to use herbs to cure illness and promote good-health.

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What a beautiful and brilliant Lady.
I've been favoriting every video of hers that I've seen so far.
SO packed with useful information.

Xavier Spade

March 3, 2017

Can you be my mummy?

Jack Burnham

March 28, 2017

Delighted to have found your channel

very good video

healthy bodies channel

April 13, 2017

natural remedies are just called alternatives in a dictionary of falsehood

rosh ehad

May 21, 2017

Thanks for the video, I still used natural remedies for all sickness , good infos


August 2, 2017

Does not look like she responds to anyone on here or the other videos either.

Sun Light

August 21, 2017

Any books recommended for getting into the understanding of herbs and benefits.

mk69 p9

October 22, 2017

This channel is great! It's so inspiring to see how much you can get from your woodlands

grace Belben

November 22, 2017

Actually they rightly are called **COMPLIMENTARY**.

Jerry SEER

December 31, 2017


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