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Buying a Wood: Can I earn money from my woodland? ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Advice from the agents of Woodlands.co.uk on the potential use of your own felled wood for domestic fuel as well as to sell. For more information contact the agents direct via: http://www.woodlands...

Posted in: Woodland Management ~ On: 13 May, 2014

4 comments so far

May 13, 2014

alan roberts
March 15, 2017

Who the hell gave you or anyone els the right to buy and sell our land our Woodland. Our planet earth is free to us all is it not, . Did you buy it from God in the first place? How much did he charge you?

Cambell Evans
July 23, 2017

I assume the land your house is built on forms part of planet earth, so by your logic it should be free to us all. What would you say if a busload were coming round to your gaff tomorrow to enjoy your house?

Doberman Knives
October 19, 2017

So if I was looking to buy a woodland primarily to promote safe shooting sports, I now know to stay the fuck away from your company. Thanks for saving me a ton of time wasted looking at what you have for sale.

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