Planting Bluebells in the Woodlands

By woodlandstv

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Ron Baxter leads a team of conservation volunteers (Convols) into planting a spectacular bluebell forest in Scarborough.


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Woodlands TV

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where did you to get bluebell bulbs from?


November 5, 2015

Ignoramus. Planting Bluebells and speaking about people walking their dogs?! Bluebells are TOXIC to dogs. In fact, let me go a step further: ALL PARTS OF THE PLANT ARE TOXIC TO DOGS. Do your research before posing as an expert and suggesting such stupidity.

Now, go and educate yourself: https://www.vets-now.com/pet-owners/dog-care-advice/poisonous-to-dogs/ and http://www.kew.org/science-conservation/plants-fungi/hyacinthoides-non-scripta-bluebell and https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/az/factsheetsanddownloads/factsheetpoisonoussubstances09.pdf

AllySuckBlack is back

April 21, 2016

+AllySuckBlack is back Perhaps it might be dog owners who are also ignorant as to the fact? A notice might therefore be beneficial to both parties. I can't see he's that much of an ignoramus if he's hel;ping to maintain a declining species for the benefit of all.


April 30, 2016

+Lytton333 Two sets of "might be/s" within such a short paragraph iced with a sweeping generalisation re: "dog owners" without any basis on your part. Moreover, dog owners cannot be within your concept of "all". I suggest you also go and educate yourself; except I won't be giving you any hints on where to look.

AllySuckBlack is back

April 30, 2016