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Making Cordage from Nettles ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Naturalist John Rhyder shows us the techniques to make cordage using nettles - from the initial preparation of the plant fibres through to the `twist and clamp` process ensuring the nettle...

Posted in: Skills ~ On: 8 December, 2014

33 comments so far

Si mclardy
October 2, 2018

You look like you have done this before

December 3, 2018

beautiful! so enjoyable, and so well-produced. loved it.

Seamus Ofoalain
May 3, 2019

Great tip, i rate it, as i learned something, here is my 1st twines experience, but i will give this a go, and a mancunians humble thanks,
So thats a thanks from us manc's =)

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