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Identifying Edible Roadkill by the Woodlands ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Artist and Wild Food Forager, Alison Brierley - aka - Tribal Ali, explains the steps to take to identify whether dead animals found by the side of the road are edible.

For more info on her work visit

A Claudia Nye Film for Web commissioned by Woodlands TV

Posted in: Animals, Skills, Survival ~ On: 15 April, 2015

68 comments so far

Bob Scorpion
July 23, 2018

I must marry this woman

September 26, 2018

free food

Dougie Quick
September 26, 2018

I might try a freshly run down deer or feral pig or a big wild turkey or something …but rodents? Or anything that is not too fresh? Uhhh….WHY? Plenty of wildlife needs the meat but I don't. In fact if it is something large all I am going to do is cherry pick a back strap or some such and toss the rest back to the hungry wild animals that actually need the meat way more than I do! I shoot rabbits and squirrels on my property because they are destructive and lately have been skinning, quartering and tossing in my freezer. I finally tried some wild bunny the other day …VERY TASTY! But when my dogs utterly refused the squirrel I decided I would pass on that. Funny thing, my female dog did eat the cooked rabbit meat but would not finish the small amount I gave her …does she know something I don't? One reason I did this was I wanted to know I had the skill needed to find food if the "SHTF" …It felt good…until I read that eating rodents is not a great survival food at all…. So now I want to know what I can store in the way of emergency rations that I can supplement with rabbit and squirrel and snake meat etc ….Can fat be stored long term? Rabbit is so lean it will damn kill ya if you tried to live exclusively off it …experts say your better off not eating than to try to eat a bunch of that to survive …Supposedly takes more calories and vitamins to digest and use lean meats than you get from eating it! Deficit at the end! Look up "rabbit starvation" which applies also to other super lean meats…

ben dawson
November 14, 2018

Were you on meth when you posted your comment?

Nobby Norberto
January 6, 2019

Nobody will take you seriously with your tits hanging out on display. Especially if you're old.

riz alam
February 10, 2019

Nice tits luv

Trehan Creek Outdoors
February 27, 2019

Many animals and birds are edible although people shy away from them out of an aversion to eating wild creatures. When the occasion arises where you actually see an animal struck and killed you know it is fresh. If it is otherwise healthy there is no reason not to take it home and eat it. We have a lot of deer who get hit and killed on the roads here and rarely is one left behind. Good video.

big boris
April 10, 2019

Doesn't seem as bad I use to think

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