Identifying Edible Roadkill by the Woodlands

By woodlandstv

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Artist and Wild Food Forager, Alison Brierley - aka - Tribal Ali, explains the steps to take to identify whether dead animals found by the side of the road are edible.

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A CAN FILM for Woodlands TV

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Sialkoti Haram ki boti

February 10, 2019

Many animals and birds are edible although people shy away from them out of an aversion to eating wild creatures. When the occasion arises where you actually see an animal struck and killed you know it is fresh. If it is otherwise healthy there is no reason not to take it home and eat it. We have a lot of deer who get hit and killed on the roads here and rarely is one left behind. Good video.

Trehan Creek Outdoors

February 27, 2019

Doesn't seem as bad I use to think


April 10, 2019

what is this


May 25, 2019

I don't get why it getting hit by a car is such taboo and not treated the same as getting nailed by a bullet.

I write it off as people being sheltered and soft..

Brazen Bull

July 18, 2019

When an animal is hit by a car, the meat gets bruised, and adrenaline pumps through them as they are dying, and they are not properly bled out. I have had road kill deer before. The bruised meat became dog food, and the rest was made into roasts and stews. Only problem, the left over meat that got cold tasted like shit the next day! Most likely taint from the adrenaline.

Allen Colvin

September 30, 2019

The worm did it and returned to the scene of the crime.

Dani Csibra

October 21, 2019

I had to do the same but my dad got a good job, I hope your family does too

TheInvincible H

November 21, 2019

must you? must you be so immature and lacking ins elf control? jeez. grow a brain.

Ashlyn Wanderer

March 11, 2020

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