How to manage a Woodland

By woodlandstv

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Andrew Wrigley explains how he manages his Woodland in The Brompton Estate in North Yorkshire.

Andrew writes a blog on https://www.geiserplume.blogspot.co.uk

A CAN Film https://www.claudianye.co.uk
WOODLANDS TV https://www.youtube.com/user/WOODLANDSTV

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What people like this do not say is that woods used by shoots require the breeding of game birds for people to pay up to £3000 a day to kill for fun, which requires game keepers killing birds of prey across the country, I know an ex game keeper who was told to kill owls etc even though they were protected yes this video paints a pretty picture but much cruelty is done by modern land management to wildlife and its been going going on for years and years, thus the dramatic decline of UKs wildlife.

riveritchen michael

April 27, 2019

That was a really cool tree stand I’d like to build one like that. And beautiful woods with the ferns and spruces

Nate Moyer

December 17, 2019

Being a commercial woodland is a lot different than just owning a wood. Deer and many other species will destroy your nicely straight growing trees making them virtually worth 0.

Sean Bailey

January 12, 2020

@Rory J Steel Sure there's no real need to kill wildlife, but whoever's paying the woodland upkeep while they wait for the wood crop sure would like some money while it's growing.

Sean Bailey

January 12, 2020

@Sean Bailey So fuck them If they can't afford to manage a wood in accordance with their morality they should sell.

Rory J Steel

January 13, 2020

woodland owner: sprays weed killer to stop weeds killing trees

also woodland owner: thins out the trees by cutting them down

James Hunt

January 17, 2020

How do you own a woodland in the UK and not know about the ecological damage done by the out of control native and introduced deer? Either you are being dishonest or you don't really manage a woodland, you simply possess it without looking after it.


February 2, 2020

Ancient woodland wouldn't have been there if it weren't for the shooting?

John Hall

February 16, 2020

Why use commercial poison to protect trees? Do you sell your timber or leave it on the ground? Here in Ohio they leave mature hardwood trees laying on the ground for the ants and insects. That's what a Ranger sarcastically said to me. What do you think? Thanks Rick ps they cry about needing money but won't sell thousands of trees that can be sold at a lumber mill.

Wandering Rick Walters

March 12, 2020