Growing a Woodland: Spiral of Oaks

By woodlandstv

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After learning about how trees communicate with each other in the book 'The Hidden Life of Trees', nurseryman Philip Nieuwoudt was inspired to plant a little oak woodland on a corner of his land in South Devon, so that the trees could talk to each other. As a creative person who spends his days growing multi-stem ornamental trees for landscape designers, Philip decided to plant his oaks in a spiral, so that hundreds of years from now, they might be seen from above and wondered at by anyone flying past... It's also an example of a healthy seven-year-old woodland in a meadow rich with unexpected biodiversity.

Thanks to Philip Nieuwoudt at New Wood Trees: www.newwoodtrees.co.uk
Film by Jemma Cholawo: www.jemmacholawo.com

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My understanding is that Oak isn't really a woodland species. This point has been made in the book Wilding by Isabella Tree. Beech or Hornbeam would be a better choice for natural woodland. However he's spaced them out well so maybe this is more of a mixed pasture.

Peter Bone

October 23, 2020