Continuous Cover Forestry – At Dronley Community Woodland

By woodlandstv

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Is there an alternative to the environmentally damaging practice of clear felling commercial forests? Dirk Sporleder from Dronley Woods explains how he uses the technique of Continuous Cover Forestry to achieve the three aims of this community run woodland - biodiversity, recreation and commercial forestry. Dirk shows us the benefits of this approach, including using only lightweight harvesting equipment to protect the forest soil, prioritising 'frame' trees for high value timber and above all ensuring that the woodland has the ecological benefit of tree cover at all times.

A film by Mallimak Media for WoodlandsTV. [www.mallimak.co.uk]

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ja, es ist ziemlich drollig

Ethan Payne

February 21, 2022

Un ejemplo para el mundo. Ahora estamos parados en una bomba de tiempo 2022. Señores seguirán los desastres naturales si no hay REFORESTACION de árboles NATIVOS para que vuelva el ciclo de vida. Los árboles regulan la temperatura en la corteza terrestre. Resguardan las NAPAS SUBTERRÁNEAS. Reforestacion combinada de varias especies.

Carmen Gloria Muga Astudillo

February 21, 2022