How to make a bat box

By woodlandstv

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In this film by internationally accomplished filmmaker Katie Vickers, we learn how to make a bat box with Mike, a member of the Men's Sheds association. Men's sheds is a UK wide organisation that seeks to improve wellbeing, reduce loneliness and combat social isolation by encourage people to come together to make, repair and repurpose, and support projects in their local communities. Find out more about this charity here -
More on Katie Vickers here -

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I made three batboxes, there were bats in the valley as they flew past my head. Never saw any bats in the boxes but had a good time making and setting them up.

The bats were probably happy were they were.


May 6, 2024

From what I know, its more difficult to get bats to set up home in a new box, they are choosy.


May 6, 2024


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