Encouraging Birdlife into your Woodland

By woodlandstv

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In this film by accomplished film maker Quentin Clark we visit Holt Copse in Wokingham to learn from conservation volunteer Mike Saynor about how to encourage bird life in woodland. For more details on the excellent work the Holt Copse conservation volunteers do please visit
Quentin can be contacted through Facebook @SilkPurseVideos and [email protected].

0:00 Introduction
0:23 Monitoring Birdlife
2:13 Natural Bird Food
2:49 Choosing Nest Boxes
3:07 How different birds build their nests
5:09 Where/how to put up Nest Boxes
5:50 Our nest box residents
6:17 Credits

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We've added chapters to this video, did it help and would you prefer we continue to do so for future videos? Also comment what birds you love seeing in your woodland/garden!


June 3, 2024



June 3, 2024


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