Grey Squirrel Control

By woodlandstv

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Grey squirrel control using live trapping techniques. This woodland in Cumbria also has a red squirrel population and therefore the control of the Grey's is important to preserve their habitat.


0:00 Disclaimer
0:15 Introduction
1:02 Importance of Species Control
1:27 Trap Placement Considerations
1:51 Trap Demo
2:31 Trap Operation Mechanics
3:02 Baiting the Trap
3:57 Checking Traps
4:20 Feeders with Traps
5:02 Shooting and Safety Measures
5:53 Impact of Grey Squirrels
7:34 Credits

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Can i trap greys in a larsson trap in my back garden ? Theyve decimated the birds nests in my area ?


June 10, 2024

I trapped some grey squirrels, and told the boys' mother, "I'm going to take them to a farm in up state New York." Missing the Americanism, she observed, "Isn't that a long drive?"


June 10, 2024


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