How to Create a Forest Garden

By woodlandstv

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In this film by internationally accomplished filmmaker Katie Vickers we meet Jake Rayson. Jake explains the key principles of a forest garden: the inclusion of edible plants, that it's self-sustaining, and that it's beneficial for wildlife. He also sets out how vitally important such places are in the face of the climate crisis.

Jake introduces us to his current project, working with the local Community Assembly to create Hope Garden, a community meeting space that will be surrounded by a thriving, productive wildlife garden in north Pembrokeshire, Wales.

For more information on Jake's work and Hope Garden, please see: https://hopegarden.uk/; https://www.facebook.com/hopegardenuk; https://x.com/NatureWorksGdn; https://www.instagram.com/hopegardenfuture/. Jake can be contacted through his website https://www.natureworks.org.uk/.

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