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How To Make A Needle From Bone

by WoodlandsTV ~ 21 February, 2020 ~ 13 comments

Adam Logan shows us how to make a sewing needle from deer bone, using a delicate and primitive technique. With this method, you too will be able to make your own needle from sourcing your own bone, to creating the right shaped needle for the job in hand.

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Flint Knapping an Arrow Head

by WoodlandsTV ~ 7 February, 2020 ~ 7 comments

Mesolithic Flint Knapping: The tortoise shell core

by WoodlandsTV ~ 7 February, 2020 ~ 3 comments

Andrew Packer from Dartmoor Wildcrafts demonstrates one of the chief tools used to create flint blades in the Mesolithic age, the tortoise shell core.

Bronze Age Knife Forging

by WoodlandsTV ~ 25 October, 2019 ~ 8 comments

Simon Bowbar from Prehistoric Bronze explains the bronze forging process of creating a prehistoric knife. This specialist skill is rarely practised in the modern day and gives us insight into the life of our Iron Age ancestors.

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