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Splitting Wood with an Axe

by WoodlandsTV ~ 10 November, 2015 ~ 16 comments

Expert naturalist John Rhyder demonstrates the safest, most efficient way to use an axe to split wood for anything from fence posts to bow staves. http://www.woodcraftschool.co.uk An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

Axe Safety

by WoodlandsTV ~ 1 April, 2015 ~ 12 comments

Naturalist John Rhyder has learned through direct experience how best to handle axes safely when preparing firewood. Here he demonstrates the stances, swing actions and range of cuts that can be made to ensure personal safety when splitting wood with an axe.

Axe Types

by WoodlandsTV ~ 9 March, 2015 ~ 26 comments

The axe is an iconic bushcraft tool and here naturalist John Rhyder talks us through the various axe designs, their specific uses and how best to preserve sharp, working blades for harvesting, splitting and carving wood.

Ancient Woodland Indicators

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 December, 2014 ~ 12 comments

Naturalist expert, John Rhyder, walks through a Sussex wood, stopping to identify the plants, trees and physical features of an ancient woodland. John explains how even the surrounding area...

Making Cordage from Nettles

by WoodlandsTV ~ 8 December, 2014 ~ 22 comments

Naturalist John Rhyder shows us the techniques to make cordage using nettles - from the initial preparation of the plant fibres through to the `twist and clamp` process ensuring the nettle...

How To String a Bow

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 October, 2014 ~ 3 comments

John Rhyder, expert naturalist, shows us how to prepare a traditional bow using artificial fibre to make the string. He talks us through the techniques to produce a string that is strong but...

Traditional Bows

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 October, 2014 ~ 36 comments

Here naturalist John Rhyder tells us about the thinking processes behind the design of longbows and flatbows used by different cultures and communities throughout history. John also shows...

Foraging for Wild Food

by WoodlandsTV ~ 26 August, 2014 ~ 38 comments

Naturalist John Rhyder takes a walk along the woodland track where he works, identifying different plants along the way and giving us information about their uses, where and when they grow...

Tracking Animals from Scat

by WoodlandsTV ~ 22 July, 2014 ~ 9 comments

Being able to identify animal droppings can be vital when tracking animals in the wild. Naturalist John Rhyder shows us his scat collection, explaining how the size, shape, smell, location...

Animal Tracking from Prints

by WoodlandsTV ~ 4 July, 2014 ~ 16 comments

Knowing how to identify individual animal prints when out in the wild is a crucial skill for a tracker. John Rhyder shows us some of his collection of inked animal prints and takes us for a...

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