Making A Walking Stick – How to make a walking stick from hazel

By woodlandstv

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http://www.woodlands.co.uk - Making a walking stick - How to make a walking stick from Hazel. Includes information on dying, straightening, decoration and safety. Huw Edwards shows us how to get the best out of your hazel walking stick.

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@johnny102marvin Guns are not illegal in Britain, they need to be licensed and then stored properly and not carried in public. Knives may be carried if you have an appropriate reason for them …fishing etc, Anyone over a certain age may carry a knife as long as it is not over a certain length and has not got a locking blade. Self defense is not illegal in Britain in fact a man just stabbed a burgalar to death and wasnt charged. You may carry a stick of course or old folk would be crawling!!!!!


July 29, 2011

thanks so very much !!

Mike Reynolds

May 10, 2012

** = understood


July 14, 2013

That acquittal pissed most of this country off, but what could we do? The state in which it happened had laws on the book that prevented the jurors from reaching a guilty verdict they could legally support. We can't keep trying someone till we get the verdict we want, we can't convict someone on a gut feeling or what we think happened. We have 2 states out of fifty that have such laws, The same states are among the most religious, least educated, most conservative states we have, coincidence?

Stoney Lonsome

August 31, 2013

You should always look after your stick – they don't grow on trees you know.


September 15, 2016

do you season Hazel like Blackthorn?

neil brown

August 11, 2018

Must be plenty of money in stick making, judging by the Rolex…

Monsieur Artois

September 26, 2018

Just to say thanks for a great video – I’ve recently made a video for my first stick and some of the stuff on this channel is a goldmine or info. Looking forward to making my next stick using some info here 🙂

The Mad Maker

August 1, 2019