Using A Fire Steel to light a campfire

By woodlandstv

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Angus Hanton shows us how to light a fire without using matches. Includes a section on where to find King Alfred's Cake.

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ware do u get the sparky thing


August 26, 2008

did the fire get smothered?
Chris, the beatles have long since left the tinder; he mentions drying the fungi for a week or so.
Jack, the sparky thing is a firesteel, man-made flint, or misch-metal. army and scout versions by light my fire are probably the most popular, but many kinds available.


February 25, 2009

With the deepest of respect, this is a ferocium rod, NOT a fire steel.

Keith H. Burgess

January 11, 2012

Yeah Ringo and Paul love it.


July 13, 2012

so all that work finding and drying the fungus to then start the fire with newspaper!? Am i missing something here lol


September 13, 2013

why do people buy these gadgets when a simple cheap box of matches works just as well?


November 8, 2015