Wild Food in a Mesolithic Hut

By woodlandstv

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http://www.woodlands.co.uk/ Stone age cooking. Wild food for free in a mesolithic hut. Inside a re-creation of a mesolithic hut based on archaeological evidence, a group of children are spellbound. The adults show them the way sour fruit such as crab apples can be sweetened by roasting over the fire, and what can be eaten straight from the tree. Everything is tasted and compared. Haws and their medicinal propertied are discussed as well as "bletting" and fruit from the wild service tree.
This is the first of 3 films Woodlands TV shot inside the hut. The only available light came from the fire, the chimmney and the door. As more children crowded in the doorway the light was reduced, but we carried on shooting because of the fascinating information been passed on. Hardly anything has been edited either because of the relaxed, natural style. So whilst things are slow moving and reflective this repays watching. The picture may be better if watched in full screen which lifts the light a little - or you could just sit back and enjoy the knowledge and skill of Cristine and Ian from ESAMP.
In the 2 programmes to come, they look at a wider range of foods such as sloes, acorn flour, fruit leather and nettle "crisps". A memorable, atmospheric experience not only for the audience but Woodlands TV too!

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Great segment very educational. Thanks for showing.


February 16, 2011

Very nice to see this


February 17, 2011

couldnt you just hang animal skins over that circle of sticks and put the water in it?


July 22, 2011