Chainsaw Sharpening – How to Sharpen Which Chainsaw

By woodlandstv

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http://woodlands.co.uk Chainsaw sharpening - how to sharpen which chainsaw safely and what tools are required. With Guy Litchfield form Plumpton College. Also see our high quality version Chainsaw Sharpening HD, if you want clearer pictures.

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@aux1z11 does it matter what color it is?its a STIHL!

Eric D.

June 21, 2011

Is that Pink???


August 24, 2011

hi everyone… the oiler on my chainsaw is not working, i have cleaned out the hole with no luck, is there anyway to use the saw with some kind of external oiler.. all advice is welcome.. many thanks.


September 23, 2011

What's the prob w a pink chain saw?


October 3, 2011

and just when i thought id seen it all for breast cancer support products


February 2, 2012

"check the chainbreak" …umm, I checked it, and it still don't work on my saw haha


July 3, 2012

And it is much more fun 🙂

Tony Hunziker

July 10, 2012

Depth gauge is for the rakers and sharpen the chain at 25 degrees! Husquvarna!! Have a good day 😉

John BassHead Work

November 9, 2012

Make sure the bars grove is clean and even along each Sid of the grove is where the chain rides if one side is higher it will cut crooked anymore questions get at me I've worked for husquvarna for 10 years! It's my life besides MX witch Husquvarna is the best like everything they make From guns to sewing machines and much Moore lawn equipment !! Peace 😉

John BassHead Work

November 9, 2012

wish i could see thru fingers wtf bro

k r

August 21, 2013