Chainsaw Sharpening – How to Sharpen Which Chainsaw

By woodlandstv

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http://woodlands.co.uk Chainsaw sharpening - how to sharpen which chainsaw safely and what tools are required. With Guy Litchfield form Plumpton College. Also see our high quality version Chainsaw Sharpening HD, if you want clearer pictures.

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So i'm watching this video and all i can think about is DUDE YOU'RE CHAINSAW IS PINK WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!

Stjepan Đogolović

September 3, 2013

at last someone calls the depth gauges what they are, not rakers.


December 20, 2014

hi ,why but the oil in first

oi clownuk

October 9, 2015


Roxana Rox

March 26, 2016

John Work '

Eileen Bond

August 8, 2017