Chainsaw sharpening HD

By woodlandstv

Slow connection? Watch in lower quality

Our most popular film ever is now in high quality. The detail is much clearer so it's easier to see the tools and techniques

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@charlesnor1965 Maybe he's finding his inner woman? 😛


August 1, 2010

@charlesnor1965 – this is one of my tutors from my forestry degree…pink paint is so the saw is recognisable as college property / less desirable to thieves heheheheh (and this chap is a legend by the way :D)


August 25, 2010

@charlesnor1965 – you want to get over here and do the degree at plumpton hahaha, great course in a wonderful place with wonderful inspiring tutors too…i think i actually used that same saw to do my cs30 and cs31 chainsaw exams too! bloody stihls, i always manage to flood them right off the mark, then i have to spend ages yanking the starter cord to get the fuel out hahahaha….this is why i bought a husky, mine turns over first pull and starts on the second pull EVERY time 😀


August 26, 2010