Woodland Toilets or Tree Bogs

By woodlandstv

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When you don't want to go behind a tree, build a tree bog. Jade Newton Gardener and "Huf " tell us about constructing their tree bogs, and how they work.

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Splendid, thank you for showing us how they work, very green and so much nicer than portaloos!

Redhead Cobweb

May 20, 2009

With no trees (willows particularly) these aren't really tree bogs, are they.

Also my understanding of the incorporation of willows is that they keep the tree bog from filling up. So maybe they'll last longer than the 2 years you suspect? Willows are heavy nutrient users and so take down the poop quickly. Maybe these are extremely high use, though, you don't really say.


July 25, 2011

Do you have an updated video showing how they've faired over the last yew years?

R Spandit

May 13, 2016