Wild Harvests: Hazelnuts

By woodlandstv

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Do you know how to tell the difference between a cob nut and a wild nut? Fi explains how to know when the hazelnuts are ready to be picked, and how they were an essential source of protein for survival in the past.

Our guide for the Wild Harvests series, Fi Martynoga, is an expert forager and writer, living in the Scottish Borders. She has put together a most wonderful book called Scotland's Wild Harvests, and is a writer for Reforesting Scotland magazine, as well as being involved with Carrifran Wildwood (which I am invited to make a film about next year when they celebrate 20 years of success!).

A film for woodlandsTV by Jemma Cholawo, www.jemmacholawo.com

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Fantastic vid thankyou

Hobbit One

November 25, 2019

Thank you so much

Jennifer Apiary

November 25, 2019

Did the basket get filled? LOL!  I grow hazel nuts in Canada.  I never fill my basket because the big fat black squirrels beat me to them most of the time.

Bill Astell

November 25, 2019

What's that noise at the beginning – a frog call?


November 25, 2019

I place a old bed sheet on the ground, then give the branches a shake. Makes it easier to gather them.

C U Jimmy

November 25, 2019

Good video. I very much enjoyed her book "A handbook of Scotland's Trees", I learned a lot about planting trees and it is quite useful for identification too.

Daniel Whittaker

November 25, 2019

I collected soooooo many hazelnuts this year. I think it all stopped dropping around September

G Man

November 25, 2019

FYI once shelled, around 5 mins at 180 in an oven is about right. Tip: just do a few first, watch like a hawk then do the rest, cook time is so short that environmental conditions and variation of nut can change cook time (adding 1 minute is 20% more!) not to mention different ovens I've tried 3 different ovens and they have 3 different times for cooking. They go from beautiful golden well roasted to black ash in no time, also don't trust the orangey amber light in your oven!

G Man

November 25, 2019

Interesting stuff – thanks


November 25, 2019

she is so pleasant

Chuck Finn

November 26, 2019

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