Wolfshead Bowmen, woodland archery

By woodlandstv

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http://www.woodlands.co.uk/ Wolfshead Bowmen, woodland archery, forest archery. A fascinating insight into the activities of one of the UK's premier re-enactment groups. Demonstrating the use and power of the traditional long bow, they perform at events around the country. Woodlands TV met them at the Weald Wood Fair where people of all ages could "have a go". Neil Eddiford describes the ethos of the group, and the power of the arrows which can penetrate chain mail or armour. There are different ways of shooting including "roving" in woodlands choosing different targets at unmarked distances.

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Fantastic work. that is the way to live and grow old

Is your neighborhood watch full of archers? 🙂


March 5, 2011

great vid. just a question. im looking at taking up reenacting medieval archery, and want to be as historically accurate as possible. would a typical long bow for this period have horn nocks ? been looking at some bickerstaffe bows and i like the look of the 40lb reenactment bows, but they have no nocks on the limbs. cheers

zero man

May 20, 2013