Cutting the cheeks of a Tenon using a circular saw

By woodlandstv

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Having cut the shoulders of the tenon with a crosscut saw, Matthew Melton now cuts down the grain to create the "cheeks". This involves using a ripsaw or as he explains a small circular saw will also do the job if you know what you are doing. Following this in the next video he finshes of the oak tenon with a chisel and plane to get a good fit with the mortice

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it looks dodgy to anyone watching but we do this daily at work and its fine once you get used to doing it, a little tap with a mallet and they just pop off onto the foor, jobs a good an.

Elwyn Harris

April 19, 2012

This is a horrible channel. Bushcraft or survival channel with chainsaws, helmets and heavy machinery. I just don't get it.


May 22, 2012

dropcuts! my favourite thing to do


April 4, 2015