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How To Make An Elder Wood Whistle ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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With Christmas coming up why not make a few of your presents instead of buying them! Over the next couple of weeks we will be uploading a series of easy DIY films to give you some ideas!

We revisit Dave Watson as she shows us how to make your very own whistle using elder wood. Elder Wood is the perfect wood for this job due to its very soft pith that can be easily removed to create a hollow tube. What sounds will your whistle make?

Posted in: Craft ~ On: 13 December, 2019

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10 comments so far

Charles Diffenderfer
December 13, 2019

First. Love these videos

V isions
December 13, 2019

Nice video. Simple & effective. Please keep them coming.

Joyce Miller
December 13, 2019

Talk in inches

john baines
December 13, 2019

Why not barleycorns, or palms?

Calico Dan
December 14, 2019

Some stories say you should ask permission from the elder before you cut it. Excellent tutorial!

Shane K
December 14, 2019

Make a bamboo flute like David carrodine used in kill bill, I’ve looked online and can’t find a video showing a long one.

January 10, 2020

Thanks! We are glad you enjoyed it

January 10, 2020

Thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for weekly uploads

January 10, 2020

Really glad you liked it. We will keep them coming!

January 10, 2020

Wow, so glad that our short film reminded you of that, lucky grandsons!

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