Woods and Forests for Sale? Why Buy A Woodland? Buying a Wood in the UK

By woodlandstv

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Looking at woods and forests for sale? Thinking of buying a woodland in the UK? Watch this video on why people have bought an English wood. Many people wonder why you should buy forest or woodland so we asked some of the members of the Small Woodlands Owner Group why they bought their woods. Answers vary but include relaxation, connection to nature, space, balancing city life, learning, leisure, walking, peace and quiet, camping among the trees, having camp fires and more.

See http://woodlands.co.uk for more information on how to buy a wood.

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Nobody needs to own huge amounts of land. Don't be greedy.

Victor Victor

May 25, 2019

Can you buy woodland and make it private, e.g putting a fence around your land or do you have to keep it open to the public?

aiden ellis

August 17, 2019

@123 456 it's only illegal without planning permission

aiden ellis

August 17, 2019

The rules vary massively, check the rules for the specific wood you are looking to purchase.


September 9, 2019

Eeeeeeeeh. Dave Angel here. Shirley stop burnin them tyres!


September 9, 2019

We should all be entitled to a piece of our world!

Lol B91

October 17, 2019

if you want countryside why not just visit the forest for free?


January 24, 2020

what a fucking load of shit …. just a bunch of entitled cocks bragging about a few trees …. big deal

I'm Jay

March 5, 2020