Woods and Forests for Sale? Why Buy A Woodland? Buying a Wood in the UK

By woodlandstv

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Looking at woods and forests for sale? Thinking of buying a woodland in the UK? Watch this video on why people have bought an English wood. Many people wonder why you should buy forest or woodland so we asked some of the members of the Small Woodlands Owner Group why they bought their woods. Answers vary but include relaxation, connection to nature, space, balancing city life, learning, leisure, walking, peace and quiet, camping among the trees, having camp fires and more.

See http://woodlands.co.uk for more information on how to buy a wood.

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May 19, 2017

pretty sure it is

Gai Ikari

June 11, 2017

Raphaél Bazán

October 18, 2017

Clearyclan xone look up property on zoopla or any website there's houses that need work done to them cheap

John Mclean

January 4, 2018

my company who l work for have land heres my email if you are intrsted first00706@outlook.com

Alex search

January 9, 2018

Over priced novelty land out of reach for most folk.

Steve Tetley

February 22, 2018

Very illegal here in the UK


October 7, 2018

Is it aloud to buy some & build a wooden off grid cabin on it for short stays?

Oak ,Ash Thorn

October 11, 2018

Tutamunga oh so scary the police do fuck all


January 2, 2019

Can anyone tell me the best way to buy cheap land South of England for a shipping container home I want to build?

Rokky Singh

February 25, 2019