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Woods and Forests for Sale? Why Buy A Woodland? Buying a Wood in the UK ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Looking at woods and forests for sale? Thinking of buying a woodland in the UK? Watch this video on why people have bought an English wood. Many people wonder why you should buy forest or woodland so we asked some of the members of the Small Woodlands Owner Group why they bought their woods. Answers vary but include relaxation, connection to nature, space, balancing city life, learning, leisure, walking, peace and quiet, camping among the trees, having camp fires and more.

See http://woodlands.co.uk for more information on how to buy a wood.

Posted in: Uncategorised ~ On: 15 April, 2009

20 comments so far

April 30, 2010

woodland costs a packet, only for the rich which normally drive around in landrovers where as the true woodsmen trek it.

March 4, 2011

I dont think I'll ever be able to leave South Africa for good but on the other hand I find European woodlands breathtaking.

Prepper Rab
May 14, 2012

I love the idea of having my own woodland, my dream in fact, but the price is way beyond my means. As a hard working taxpayer, I have enough trouble keeping a roof over my head as it is. It's difficult not to feel bitter when the countryside seems to be reserved for the rich and privileged minority to truly enjoy freely. One day, maybe. One day!

March 10, 2013

I love the idea. Thinking about buying 4 acres of woodland for the kids to go camping in, ride bikes ect. I think it is within my means, as I will be able to morgage it, but at the moment I'm just looking really. Does anyone know if you can shoot in the woodland you own? I'v always loved the country life.

julian williams
April 4, 2013

Hi – yes you can shoot if you have sporting rights.

I have 4 acres and I cull the grey squirrels with an Air Arms air rifle

julian williams
April 4, 2013

cant be that stupid then!

zero man
May 25, 2013

what winds me up, is all my life i have loved being in the woods. im a bush crafter and a longbow man. i respect the woods i use and surrounding wild life. i use dead wood for small fires and only shoot straw targets. im now finding it very hard to have access to woodlands without resorting to trespassing, me and a friend spent 2 years of our spare time in the local woods camping and tidying up litter that reckless people had left behind.

zero man
May 25, 2013

continued from 1st comment.
when the local woods was sold off to a couple from london, we was met with hostility and threatened with the police. even though the owners had been given knowledge of how we got rid of all the litter and looked after the place. its a total crap hole now, but hey. at least they can boast to their friends that they own a few acres of woodland. some times, 2 strangers on your land could be beneficial to all. give us poor bushcrafters a chance before giving us the boot

alan bane
September 23, 2016

buy your own woodland live in a camper job done

Clearyclan xone
May 11, 2017

me & my partner want to make the big jump near scotland to isle of muck or isle of rum but not much of idea how to to kock start things off?

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