Making Fence Posts

By woodlandstv

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The Wood Team at Wilderness Wood in East Sussex show how to make fence posts, explaining the advantages of using coppiced sweet chestnut.

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Well made video, good work.

Francis Barnett

July 11, 2013

Ten years? These great fence posts are only gonna last ten years? Am I missing something here? To me, it's just beyond belief that anyone would put this kind of time and effort into fence posts that are only going to last ten years. I'm literally sitting here shaking my head at this. Unbelievable.


July 12, 2013

thank you, wood team at wilderness wood in east sussex! i would never have learned how to create fence posts without this video!

Michelle Irvine

February 11, 2014

That's about right unfortunately – I cut chestnut commercially and only oak will last longer, but naturally isn't as cost effective

Philip Harris

July 9, 2019