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How to Make a Bird Box ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Here Jim Edwards expertly offers us a step by step guide to building a bird box. Jim makes and sells various animal and bird boxes to help raise funds for the `Monday Group` - a volunteer organisation that maintains public rights of way throughout the countryside of East and West Sussex.
An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

Posted in: Skills, Wood for Building ~ On: 28 April, 2014

25 comments so far

May 5, 2017

great video very informative many thanks for sharing

Slatty Bartfas
May 6, 2017

Junk!But nicely made junk.

Per Shop
May 29, 2017

to make angled cuts, the power tools are much more accurate. Usually what I end up doing is to look at many videos. The ones which can be done with the tools that I have, are the ones I end up following and doing. I think it's OK if some woodworkers use basic tools and some use power tools. There are many designs and ideas from all these videos. Additionally, we may not follow some design exactly but like you said, let's build the bird box out of the things we can, however we can, and let the bird decide to live there or not.

Anne Fricker
September 5, 2017

Thank you Jim you gave us lots of info in your vid. Lovely boxes. You made it look so easy.

October 16, 2017

Do you sell your products online

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