Woodlands for Women

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We hear from three skilled group facilitators who are running an innovative woodland-based project to support women in recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. Jackie Roby (Director of `Go Wild Education` http://www.gowildeducation.co.uk and founder of this project); Emma Coates (also of `Go Wild Education`) and Rebecca Cork (from Honeywoods Camping http://www.honeywoodscamping.co.uk) all reveal their own love of the outdoors and describe the positive impact being in the woods is having on the wider group of women involved. An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

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@jwrappuhn71 Thanks. I spotted her in the video about volunteers.

Drakkar Knarr

September 1, 2015

awesome project!

Danny English

September 7, 2015

Good idea. There's a similar thing with fly fishing and women recovering from breast cancer. It's also refreshing to see that building a den, (as we did as kids) doesn't make it a "survival shelter" and camping in the woods isn't, "surviving"!

edward charles

September 7, 2015

Awesome project.
I think if the masses in general got back to nature, spent more time in our natural state rather than in the artificial poisonous lives we forced to live in society, there would be less people having to deal with drug and alcohol problems in the first place.
Great channel, love the road kill videos.

Clan Gunn Bushcraft

October 1, 2015

4:38 Correct, they are simple. However, that fire is pretty sad. You're either using green wood or you don't have nearly enough air getting to it. You need air coming in to the fire from underneath, not fanning it from the top and making an awful mess.

Albert Head

October 16, 2015

3 beautiful women


October 11, 2016

you rock .wood carving hunting fishing gave me a way out from my alcohol and drug problem. and you are so right the outdoors is not a male or female place it's a people place . letting the person find there own way through the maze of drug and alcohol abuse is the key to a really successful and solid way out . hat off to the work your doing .and all the best

diy man glen

October 20, 2016