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Game Shooting in the Woodlands ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

Slow connection? Watch in lower quality

John Martin explains the antics of this controversial ancient British sport.

Music by Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone - https://drcrow.co.uk

Animation by Dennis Hlynsky https://vimeo.com/user491023

Aerial Camera by Chris Curtis - https://Blueskymediauk.com

A CAN FILM for WOODLANDSTV - https://www.facebook.com/filminthecan

Posted in: Animals, Survival ~ On: 15 October, 2015

25 comments so far

Rory J Steel
December 24, 2015

+Albert Head
Just say halal slaughter house you tool. Or better still any slaughterhouse and not bring your Islamaphobia into this.
But now you're really digressing. I repeat. 
No It's not ok for fat posh men to amble around with erections, wheezing, because they have managed to maim a bird 10 meters away with a spread shot. Not cool.

Albert Head
December 24, 2015

You really are a sordid little peasant. Done and dusted. A small person with a small life, who clearly cannot bear the thought of anyone being a rung or two up the social strata than yourself and able to engage in activities that you cannot even begin to comprehend. And I completely disagree with your half-baked judgment. I actually think it is quite alright for anyone to shoot game, as long as the game is in season and the person is duly licensed. I thoroughly enjoy the shooting and hunting sports myself; in fact there are several species in my freezer right now: Black bear, deer, elk, and goose, for starters. And am very glad that pea-brained, armchair dimwits such as you have absolutely no say in the matter other than on youtube where it really doesn't count at all. Long may people have the freedom and will to pursue these traditional shooting activities…and long may they happily ignore the insipid, blathering drivel of the clamouring  unwashed (which is what I intend to do henceforth). Hmm, think I'll go hunting! Why? Because  can!.

Rory J Steel
December 24, 2015

LOL Chill Albert- unleashing all that indignant snobbery- you'll have a stroke. Go take the bear out of the freezer and take your frustrations out on its frozen corpse.

Watch Ryder
December 27, 2015

Good video, but not too impressed with the narration, could have been edited better.
Oh and all you whining anti-hunters can get lost too.

April 25, 2018

Albert Head You sir, are a miserable cunt.

The "How to kill with a bayonet" video in your uploads….im sure that video will come in handy when euthanising yourself.

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