Building a shelter in the Woodlands

By woodlandstv

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Woodland Educator Paul Beadle explains the basics of building a safe shelter in the forest that will last ...

For more info please visit www.cdwes.co.uk

A Can Film https://www.facebook.com/filminthecan for Woodlands TV

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10* Now to make an inside wattle and daub fireplace with chimney that goes back down under the shelter footprint (like Roman ground floor heating conduits), and then an upward chimney sucking all the smoke away. Warm shelter, warm ground, heating, cooking, and other added on heater units for hot water, clothes drying/warming chamber, …. and you have home!

John Lord

November 15, 2015

great video bro', ty for sharing

ben terwellen

November 16, 2015

2:55 fox poo


January 5, 2016

"wee around it" Awesome. I wonder if women peeing around the camp is prudent? Does it deter animals too?


January 16, 2016

In all the 1,000's of woodcraft/bushcraft/survival/primitive tech videos I have seen … NEVER has anyone said to wee around your campsite to deter predators. It is so true though! I also learned a lot more from this video – so Thank You for all the time, effort and research you obviously put into your work! And thanks for teaching the kids – it's great to expand their minds!

Sue Potter

May 1, 2016

was the Fox pooing a necessary edition?

St. Apollonius

May 10, 2016

working with special needs ppl is noble. god bless you

Frank Stain

January 11, 2017