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Building a Bodgers Den in the Woodlands ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Traditional Craftsman Ben Chester builds a Bodger's Den and explains about the art of building with what's available in your woodland.

For more info on the work that Ben does, please visit www.benchester.co.uk

This bodger's den is located in Three Hagges Wood Meadow www.threehaggeswoodmeadow.org.uk

With thanks to the Forestry Commission, Bettys and Escrick Park Estate for the funding of the Bodgers’ Den.

A CAN Film
for Woodlands TV

Posted in: Uncategorised, Wood for Building ~ On: 15 February, 2016

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Woodlands Edge
April 29, 2018

I’m in the process of building one of these for my Spoon Carving Workshop #WonkiSpoons

May 1, 2018

My kind of house! Love the idea.

Maroo stafford
February 11, 2019

It probably has to be these days for insurance and safety purposes. Health and safety these days is extensive and a lot of people need it's guidance this day and age i feel.

February 13, 2019

So they used power tools and all thread.

February 18, 2019

OK, what type of wood did they use (other than "big chunky stuff")? where is the heat source for the winter? How many bodgers are going to work here? What else did they leave out…hmmm, hmmm.. Where's the water closet, didn't see one? How many square meters is the enclosed area? What a totally useless video.

Stu Hud
February 5, 2020

We don't use Scaffold, threaded rods or chainsaw's! Wooden pegs, axe and pure sweat. Plus a BODGER comes from the traditional form of making only leg's for chairs! Half job man or " Bodged it and scarper"

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