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Making Charcoal with the Exeter Retort ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Alan and Jo Waters are expert charcoal makers with many years experience of this traditional skill from the land they coppice. Here they speak about the benefits of charcoal production using the Exeter Retort. They join with Geoff Self and Robin Rawle, designers and manufacturers of this Retort, to explain their experiences of the benefits of this method compared to traditional ring kilns - that the Retort produces more charcoal, that it has a shorter burn time, is cleaner, more efficient, easily accessible and transportable, and that it ultimately produces better quality charcoal - ideal for small woodland owners. wildwoodcoppice@btinternet.com http://www.carboncompost.co.uk/ An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

Posted in: Traditional Skills ~ On: 6 February, 2017

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Robin Rawle
October 27, 2017

The bleed gas is excess to requirements. There is far more gas produced by the load than is required to maintain temperature. When gas bleed occurs there is still gas running into the firebox as well. It is only the excess gas we wish to use for energy instead of wasting it.

Abdelrahman Mahmoud
October 27, 2017

thank you for this video, please tell me process and optimum temperature for produce gases

December 12, 2017

I thought this was an interesting video….And then an old guy tells me this thing has an app.
Mind blown!

Shane K
December 13, 2017

Governments don't care about rural local workers anymore, they've discarded us in favor of migrants because they are a stable, permanent voting block that is always going to vote the left agenda.

Samuel Garza
January 13, 2018

Would it be more efficient to use the charcoal instead of using wood as the fuel?

Robert Meier
February 13, 2018

I cant listen to British ppl for more than 5 minutes until they start talking about how the Gov't gets involved in their lives.  Its a disease that they have to overcome.

David Whyte
March 6, 2018

Thank you for explaining that.

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