Making Nettle Wine

By woodlandstv

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Here we follow Michael White, experienced forager and wild food expert, as he outlines the steps to take to make delicious nettle wine. Michael talks us through the process from start to finish - harvesting the tender tips of the nettles, the additional ingredients, fermentation, straining off the sediment, bottling...and tasting the end product! http://www.ruralcourses.co.uk/ An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

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mustapha supas You can use a balloon with a pinhole. Anything that lets gas out and keeps the bugs from coming in.

Calico Dan

March 4, 2018

Racking off is a lot easier with a syphon tube

Andrew Frudd

March 5, 2018

Ok, ok, sugar beet wine with nettles, lemon and ginger.

Michael Balfour

March 7, 2018

Very nice.

Neal Grey

March 20, 2018

Great video! I like your wine bottles, where did you get them from?


June 9, 2018

Got TONS of nettles ~ great idea!

Herbal Marie

January 9, 2019

Couldn't you strain out the sediment with a coffee filter or cloth strainer?

jac lyn

March 14, 2019

I agree completely! You cannot call something ‘wine’ if it is not brewed using the base ingredient only; just look at grape wine (normal wine), rice wine (sake) and barley wine (Belgian beer). None of which use sugar as an additive medium for producing alcohol. I don’t know what one would call this, but it is certainly not wine!

_ Arkadi _

September 7, 2019

Nice video, must have hands of steel

jason Bourne

October 2, 2019

I made this last spring and enjoying it now and definitely doing a bigger batch this year


February 18, 2020