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How to make: Natural Skin Care Products ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Jo from Earthbound Organics shows us how you can have your own apothecary by planting desired flowers such as chamomile and calendula on the borders of your woodlands. In this video Jo makes a skin cream using dried calendula flowers, beeswax and cold pressed oil.

With thanks to Jo Ordoñez at Earthbound Organics

A Mark Harrison film http://www.markharrisonphoto.com/

Posted in: Uncategorised ~ On: 8 February, 2019

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Joanne Carroll
December 4, 2019

@Jean Points & Amanda G – It's not just water, but distilled Rosewater; distilled being the minimum cleanliness standard that medicines are mixed with. Rosewaters also vary from generic to commercially produced brands, containing concentrations of Rose Oil from 10% – 50% & further, depending on local regulatory requirements, may already contain 15% ethanol. Both Rose EO & Rose Oil Absolute are broad spectrum anti-microbials. Rose EO is one of the most highly concentrated known EOs, in that there is only about 1% of oil holding all the pharmacological goodies together (things like analgesics, anti-virals, anti-microbials, hypnotics, neuro-pharmagologicals – all documented in current science journals & used in traditional medicine for millennia). I'd suggest she's either using 50% concentration Rosewater, or Rosewater with ethanol already added (or even both lol) & that the additional ingredient which she didn't describe was just more Rose Oil to increase the concentration to her calculated required strength, thus ensuring that her additional ingredients would also be adequately preserved.

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