Riverfly Monitoring

By woodlandstv

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How healthy is your local watercourse? Anna Forbes of Action for the River Kennet (ARK) demonstrates how to carry out a survey of the aquatic insects in rivers and streams. With training, riverfly monitoring can reveal evidence of pollution events and provide a valuable insight into the ecology of our watercourses. Includes footage of a survey, close ups of key indicator species and where to get more information.

A film for woodlands.co.uk by Clearwater Photography UK.

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Good for them. We need more of this.

Jose Alvarez

August 16, 2019

Is he saying “chalk” rivers?

Shane K

August 16, 2019

Dear Shane, Yes, Chalk rivers rather than acidic. The underlying rock and soil is chalky so tyrant makes the water more alkaline than acidic.
all best and thanks for watching, – Angus


August 17, 2019

@WoodlandsTV "tyrant"?

Tony Blakeney

August 23, 2019