Woodland Management with Goats

By woodlandstv

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Andy Jones from Avon Wildlife Trust talks to us about how goats have been brought in to maintain the woodland at Goblin Combe, in a very special SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) patch of grassland.



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Interesting. Thanks. Which species of tree was it that the goats had ring-barked? And do the goats process dead fallen wood too?


March 11, 2024

More woodlands up north, please. Including the Midlands.

I truied to use some goats to eat an overgrown area once – didn't work as people kept coming to feed them! Otherwise it's a good idea.


March 11, 2024

Interesting that Andy said the goats don't go after the low flora like wildflowers; my neighbors have goats which eat everything, right down to the dirt. We had considered renting/borrowing goats to help with our woodland/wet prairie /meadow interfaces, but wish to maintain all the native wildflowers. Hmmm. Maybe my neighbor goats are more voracious than Andy's are?
Something worth additional research.


March 11, 2024