Growing a Woodland: Hazel for Coppice and Nuts

By woodlandstv

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Pam at Higher Druid Wood is growing several different blocks of hazel for various purposes, including coppicing for making hurdles and other useful structures, and using the nuts for making hazelnut oil and other edibles. We learn about the difference between cobnuts and filberts, and how coppicing benefits the landscape.

Thanks to Pam Macdonald at Higher Druid Wood.
Film by Jemma Cholawo: www.jemmacholawo.com

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…but dont the grey squirrels take all the Cobnuts/Hazel nuts? Or maybe you dont have a infestation of grey squirrels near you?
The Cobnuts/Hazel nut trees near me hardly ever get past the un-ripe, hard green stage.

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November 20, 2020

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