How to Identify Scots Pine Fungus – Curreya pithyophila

By woodlandstv

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In this film by Jack D'Gama, forest pathologist Dr Sarah Green from Forest Research explains how to identify Scots pine fungus Curreya pithyophila, its features and the impact it is having on young Scots pine trees.

Here are the definitions of key references in the film:

'Adelgid' are aphid-like insects that suck sap from conifers.
'Stroma' is a mass of fungal tissue.
Pineus pini is the Scots pine adelgid.
Phloem is vascular tissue that moves food made in leaves to other parts of the plant.
Crumenulopsis sororia is a fungal species, a wound-infecting pathogen of Scots pinea
A canker is damage to bark caused by fungal disease

And here is a list of key websites referred to:

Forest Research Tree Alert, an online reporting tool for tree pests and diseases, https://treealert.forestresearch.gov.uk/

Plant Healthy certification scheme, https://planthealthy.org.uk/

Forest Research Ecological Site Classification (ESC) tool, https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/tools-and-resources/fthr/ecological-site-classification/


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