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Chipeling Wood, North Yorkshire - Nearly 4 ½ acres, £55,000

Chipeling Wood

Upon entering Chipeling Wood, the visitor arrives at a meadow clearing, fringed with gorse and mature oak. Delving deeper into the wood, the visitor passes through a band of younger birch and willow that have self-seeded among mature oaks, while at ground level there is a carpet of ferns, tufted grass and wild raspberry bushes.

A welcoming chorus of forest birdlife, such as chiff-chaffs, wrens and blackbirds, fills the air, along with the buzz of bees and the gentle cooing call of wood pigeons.

Proceeding further and a belt of mature ash and oak is encountered, growing along the length of a ditch, running north-south, with the area filled with dog’s mercury hinting that this land has been wooded for a long time. Beyond this belt, a bench is situated at the edge of an area of shady spruce trees, along with coppiced hazels. Rays of sunshine fill a small glade, in which tall meadow grasses grow. A couple of fallen trees, with towering root plates, enclose the space, erupting with mosses, ferns and wood sorrel. This deadwood will be excellent for invertebrates and the animals that feed on them.

To the right is a mixed area of mature oak, western hemlock and beech. The area seems filled with sunlight in contrast to the shady firs.

The southern boundary of the wood is formed by the roadway leading to the main wood gate, with a hedgerow providing screening. From here the eastern boundary is a stone track. To the north there is adjoining woodland and, to the west, beyond a hedgerow lays farmland. On this western boundary a huge ash tree grows: it would take two people with arms outstretched to measure is enormous girth and its side branches are as big as normal tree trunks. Its canopy creates a beautiful collage of bright green ash leaves against a blue sky.

A Heritage Lottery funded archaeology project, undertaken in 2014, explored the area around Kiplin, which was recorded as ‘Chipeling’ in the Domesday survey of 1086. Through the millennia before the township of Chipeling existed, the area was home to prehistoric hunter-gatherers, early farmers and invading Romans who founded the town of Catterick. Later there were Saxon kings and warriors, and medieval monks farmed the land at Kiplin and milled grain to support nearby Easby Abbey; each era has left fragments of the past behind.

With an interest in archaeology, The Earl and Countess of Tyrconnel of Kiplin Hall, supported the discovery of late Bronze Age, Roman and Saxon objects on the estate, in the first part of the nineteenth century, including three late Bronze Age gold torq shaped bracelets.

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.

  • Price: £55,000 Freehold
  • Location: Kiplin, near Richmond, North Yorkshire
  • Size: Nearly 4 ½ acres for sale


Are marked in pink paint on trees on the eastern, western and southern boundaries. On the northern boundary, the markings are on wooden posts.

Chipeling Wood map Chipeling Wood map Chipeling Wood map Chipeling Wood map

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Local manager

dan Dan Watson
07970 116 515 or 0113 286 3701

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OS Landranger: OS No 99
Grid ref: SE 273 987
Nearest post code: DL10 6AU



Chipeling Wood is about 4 miles off the A1 between Richmond and Northallerton with the Yorkshire Dales to the west and North York Moors to the east.

Satnav: the postcode DL10 6SY is for the point shown by the red dot on the location map/s.


Are marked in pink paint on trees on the eastern, western and southern boundaries. On the northern boundary, the markings are on wooden posts.

Chipeling Wood mapChipeling Wood mapChipeling Wood mapChipeling Wood map

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