Chestnut Coppice For Buildings-Flimwell

By woodlandstv

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David Saunders shows how local materials were used in construction of the Woodlands Enterprise Centre.

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loveley video. we are planning to fell some chestnut this winter which we lanted 18 years ago, plan to use for stakes-fencing and tree planting, plus ome trug baskets ( i also planted white willow in 1992 which is now mature)

this contruction looks truly marvellous

Stephen Hayes

September 23, 2010

I believe that this is perhaps a slightly modified "Lamella" roof system. I think that the full-on Lamella roof would extend the bands of structural support from the roof all the way to a low wall built upon a load-bearing footer. This is a wonderful building and very strong. Here in the USA the American Chestnut used to be the dominant species. However, blight has all but killed them off. I heard that spiders won't spin webs on chestnut. That's pretty cool, if it's true. Nice vid!


November 19, 2011

Thanks for that. Interesting stuff Lamella is a new one on me but I think you're right


November 19, 2011

Lamellar wood construction can be really mind blowing actually. The thin slithers of wood where glued together with joins staggered. When then stacked and glued into a beam they can be done so with twists and bends to a degree limited only by the time and will available to the design team.
The result of pushing this idea led to one of the most astonishing bits of wood construction I've ever seen the roof of the Centre Pompidou-Metz. Must have been an enormous headache to design … but WOW!


November 5, 2013

well done

Johnny Owens

March 14, 2015