The Woodland Cellist

By woodlandstv

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Nicolas Cherniavsky is a woodland cellist. Listen to him play and describe how playing in the woodlands is unlike performing in any other space, how important silence is and how the music reflects the characteristics of the wood.

With thanks to Nicolas Cherniavsky.

Made by Sava films

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vibrations indeed… eerie and warm
thank you

Tinkers Cuss

November 16, 2018

Try to listen to Arvo Pert!

John Mason

November 16, 2018

That forest needs some thinning so it can grow.

Tony Chaps

November 17, 2018

sarabande associated with death? does anybody know anything more about it?

dzień dobry

November 20, 2018

Well played!! Lets go to the woods and play some Bark….err…. Bach! 😀

David Patrick

November 30, 2018